Everything You Need to Know about 613 Color

Black hair, while classic, can absorb heat and sometimes give off a dull vibe. As the temperature rises, light-colored hair becomes the go-to choice for many. Among these, the 613 color hair stands out as a top pick. In the realm of hair color trends, the 613 color hair has emerged as a revolutionary player. This platinum blonde shade is not just a color, but a bold statement of style and personality. But what makes it so unique? And why is Natural Hair Vietnam’s raw hair the ideal choice for achieving this look? Let’s explore.

Understanding 613 Color Hair

The 613 color, a vibrant and captivating shade of platinum blonde, has its name derived from its position on the color chart. One of the main advantages of the 613 hair color is its ability to enhance your image. The bright and vibrant tones instantly brighten your hair color, making it appear more vibrant and healthy. It can also be paired with other colors for a unique and eye-catching look that will make you stand out in a crowd.

The Raw Hair Advantage

Raw hair, true to its name, is hair in its purest and unprocessed form. It is free from any chemical treatments, thereby preserving all its natural characteristics. This is where Natural Hair Vietnam stands out. We ethically source our raw hair, ensuring the highest quality.

Why Choose Raw Hair for 613 Color?

The secret to a stunning 613 color lies in the quality of the hair used. Since raw hair is completely unprocessed, it is more receptive to color treatments. It can be dyed to the lightest shades, like 613, without causing significant damage. This is why Natural Hair Vietnam’s raw hair is the perfect canvas for your 613 color transformation.

Low Maintenance, High Impact

Another benefit of the 613 hair color is its low maintenance. There’s no need for continuous processing, and the color will not fade, lasting for several months. This is an excellent option for people who don’t have the time or money to visit the salon regularly.

The Perfect Base Color

The beauty of 613 blonde hair is that it doesn’t need to be bleached, as it’s already a base color for many other shades. If you want to experiment with other fresh colors, you can simply dye it. By skipping the bleaching step, you can save both time and money.

The Limitations of Remy Hair

While remy hair is a high-quality type of hair, it undergoes some processing to align the hair cuticles. This process can make it more challenging to dye remy hair to lighter shades like 613. It’s not impossible, but it requires more care and may not achieve the same vibrant results as with raw hair.

Natural Hair Vietnam: Your Ally in Hair Transformation

At Natural Hair Vietnam, we understand the importance of quality. Our raw hair provides the perfect base for your 613 color hair journey, offering superior dye uptake and stunning results. With our raw hair, you can achieve the 613 hair color of your dreams while maintaining the integrity of the hair.


613 color hair is more than just a trend; it’s a fashion statement. And with Natural Hair Vietnam’s raw hair, you can make that statement loud and clear. So why wait? Start your 613 color hair journey with us today!

Note: Always conduct a strand test before applying any color to ensure desired results. Consult with a professional if you’re new to hair coloring.

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