HD Full Lace vs Frontals vs Closures: How to choose?

Welcome to Natural Hair Vietnam, the home of exquisite Raw Hair extensions for the discerning business. We’re here to share insights on selecting the perfect hairpiece for your clients’ needs. Whether they seek a dramatic transformation or a subtle enhancement, understanding the differences between HD Full Lace, Frontals, and Closures is key.

Understanding Your Options

HD Full Lace Wig or 360 Wig The epitome of luxury and realism, HD Full Lace wigs offer a fully versatile experience. They are constructed with a lace base that covers the entire head, making them lightweight and breathable. Perfect for those who enjoy varied hairstyles and an ultra-realistic hairline.


 HD Frontal Wig: These are designed to cover the front part of your head from temple to temple. Frontals are ideal for clients who want to achieve a flawless hairline and have the freedom to part their hair in any direction. Frontals are larger, usually 13×4 or 13×6 inches, covering the entire hairline from ear to ear1. This size allows for more versatility in parting and styling, making it a favourite for those who love to change up their look.

HD Closure Wig: Typically smaller than frontals, closures cover a specific area of the head, usually the middle or side part. They are fantastic for clients looking for an easy-to-maintain solution that offers a natural finish. Closures typically come in sizes like 2×6, 4×4, 5×5, 7×7 inches, providing a perfect square to cover the crown or a specific part of your head. They are ideal for simple styles and are great for beginners.

How to Choose?

When deciding between HD Full Lace, Frontals, and Closures, consider the following:

  1. Lifestyle and Maintenance: HD Full Lace requires more care but offers more versatility. Frontals provide a balance between realism and maintenance, while Closures are the easiest to manage.
  2. Desired Look: For a completely natural look that allows for high ponytails and updos, HD Full Lace is unmatched. Frontals are great for those who want flexibility with their hairline, and Closures work well for a consistent everyday look.
  3. Installation: Think about the expertise required for installation. HD Full Lace and Frontals might need professional fitting, whereas Closures can be more beginner-friendly.
  4. Budget: Determine what fits your client’s budget. HD Full Lace tends to be pricier due to its comprehensive coverage, while Closures are generally more affordable.

Event Suitability

HD Full Lace: With its complete coverage, the HD Full Lace Wig is suitable for high-profile events, such as red carpet appearances or weddings, where a full, glamorous look is desired. It’s also perfect for photo shoots where high-definition detail is key.

Frontals: These are versatile enough for both everyday wear and special occasions. Whether it’s a business meeting or a night out, lace front wig provide a seamless look that can adapt to any event.

Closures: Best suited for everyday wear, hd lace closure are the go-to for a quick and easy style that looks effortlessly natural. They’re perfect for work, casual outings, or any event where you want a beautiful look with minimal effort.

Why Raw Hair Vietnam?

In the realm of hair extensions and weaves, nothing quite compares to the allure of Raw Vietnamese Hair. Its natural texture, durability, and lustrous appeal have made it a sought-after choice worldwide. When searching for Raw Vietnamese Hair Wholesale, quality should be your top priority. 

At Natural Hair Vietnam, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier Raw Hair extensions. Our B2B model ensures that your business gets the best quality for your investment. With our Raw Hair Vietnam products, you’re not just buying hair; you’re investing in a premium experience for your clients.

Choosing the right hairpiece is a journey, and we at Natural Hair Vietnam are here to guide you every step of the way. With our friendly, professional advice and high-quality Raw Hair products, your business is set to thrive.

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